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Growth Factors, Chemokines & Cytokines

Atlanta Biologicals offers an extensive selection of high quality cytokines, including adipokines, chemokines, defensins, growth factors, hematopoietic cytokines, interferons, interleukins, neurotrophic factors, tumor necrosis factor ligands/receptors and other proteins.

All cytokines are recombinant proteins and are available from a variety of species, such as human, mouse, rat, or viral origins. They are carrier-free and do not contain bulk additives.

The cytokines are supplied in lyophilized form for maximum stability and ease of storage and handling. Researchers can choose from standard package sizes or request a custom package size.

Each protein is quality control tested to ensure authenticity, purity, biological activity and protein content.

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For a complete list of our current cytokines, or if you are looking for a specific cytokine, please call us at (800) 780-7788 or email us.