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Custom Services

Atlanta Biologicals Custom Manufacturing Services can provide you with high quality made-to-order cell culture media according to your specifications and in your desired package size. This low-cost solution is designed for researchers that need small scale batches of liquid or powder media with a rapid turnaround time.

Ordering is easy - simply use the online form for a price quote or to reorder a custom medium. Or, contact us by phone or email to discuss your specific requirements. We appreciate your interest and look forward to discuss your needs.

Three services are available at Atlanta Biologicals:

Custom Cell Culture Media

• Modified Classical Cell Culture Media
• Customer-designed Media Formulations

A variety of cell lines and expression systems require the use of a modified public domain cell culture medium, or a newly developed medium. The most commonly requested customizations involve additions, deletions, substitutions, and concentration changes in the formulations of our standard classical cell culture media, but our custom services also include the manufacture of customer-designed formulations.

All of Atlanta Biologicals’ custom media are QC tested (Standard Testing) for:
• Visual Appearance (liquid and powder media)
• pH (liquid and powder media)
• Osmolality (liquid and powder media)
• Solubility (powder media only)
• Sterility (liquid media only)

Complete Cell Culture Media

Complete cell culture media from Atlanta Biologicals are a convenient alternative for the busy cell culture laboratory. The media are supplemented according to your specifications and eliminate the hassle of adding extra ingredients to the classical cell culture medium used in your application. Some common supplements include cell culture sera, such as fetal bovine serum, and antibiotics. Complete cell culture media are available as filtered, ready-to-use liquids.

Custom Cell Separation Media

Atlanta Biologicals offers a complete line of cell separation media for the isolation of blood cells from human and animal species. Atlanta Biologicals Custom Manufacturing Services can modify the density and/or osmolality of our standard cell separation medium formulations according to your specifications to meet your specific cell separation requirements.