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GlutaminePlus - 200mM (100X), liquid

Normal L-glutamine has a relatively short half-life in solution, showing a temperature dependent loss of product with time. L-glutamine degrades through an intramolecular cyclization reaction forming as by-products, pyrrolidone carbonic acid and ammonia in equimolar concentrations. The rate of breakdown increases with increasing temperature and in the presence of phosphate or bicarbonate.

Dipeptide derivatives of L-glutamine prevent the intramolecular cyclization reaction associated with solutions of L-glutamine. These derivatives are therefore stable in solution and allow the formulation of cell culture media containing L-glutamine that may be stored at 4C for extended periods. Solutions containing these derivatives can even be autoclaved without appreciable degradation of the product (30 minutes at 121C results in <5% loss of the product).

The dipeptide derivatives are metabolized within the cells to yield L-glutamine plus the second amino acid. This results in more consistent delivery of L-glutamine to cells in culture and avoids toxic buildup of ammonia in cell cultures. This feature can be especially important for ammonia sensitive cell lines.

Atlanta Biologicals offers a 200mM (100X) stable L-glutamine substitute solution in 0.85% saline for general cell culture (GlutaminePlus™). The suggested working concentration is 10 ml/L.

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