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Trypsin 0.25% - EDTA 1 mM (1X), liquid

Trypsin solutions are enzyme preparations derived from porcine pancreas, generally used for the isolation and dissociation of anchorage-dependent mammalian cells and tissues. The concentration of trypsin necessary for the successful isolation of cells depends primarily on the cell type and the age of the culture.

Trypsin 0.25% is the most commonly used trypsin solution. EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), a chelating agent that neutralizes calcium and magnesium ions, is added to increase the enzymatic activity on the cells and to facilitate release of individual cells from the culture vessel. Calcium and magnesium ions enhance cell-to-cell adhesion and obscure the peptide bonds on which trypsin acts. This trypsin solution contains 2.5 gm/L of trypsin (1:250) and 0.38 gm/L EDTA•4Na in Hanks’ Balanced Salt Solution without calcium and magnesium salts.

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Catalog No. Size Price Lot # QTY
B81310 100 ml 11.20
B81350 500 ml 34.80
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