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Papain, powder

Papain is a sulfhydryl protease from Carica papaya latex. It has a wide specificity and will degrade most protein substrates more extensively than the pancreatic proteases. Papain breaks down the intercellular matrix of cartilage. It also exhibits esterase activity. With some tissues Papain has proved less damaging and more effective than other proteases.

Papain is activated by cystein, sulfide, and sulfite. Stabilizing agents are EDTA, cysteine and dimercaptoethanol.

Papain has a molecular weight of 23,000 daltons and an optimum pH range of 6.0-7.0.

Source: Carica papaya latex
2X crystallized; lyophilized powder
Activation prior to use is recommended.
Activity: 15 units per mg protein
One unit hydrolyzes 1 micromole of BAEE per minute at 25C, pH 6.2, after activation in a solution containing 1.1mM EDTA, 0.067mM mercaptoethanol and 5.5mM cysteine-HCl for 30 minutes.

Technical Information

• SDS - Papain, powder
Catalog No. Size Price Lot # QTY
I54110 100 mg 350.00
I54101 1 gm 1440.00
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