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Hyaluronidase is a polysaccharidase with specificity for endo-N-acetylhexosaminic bonds between
2-acetoamido-2-deoxy-beta-D-glucose and D-glucuronate. These bonds are common in hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate A and C. Hyaluronidase is often used for the dissociation of tissues, usually in combination with a crude protease such as collagenase, since the aforementioned substances are found in high concentrations in the ground substance of virtually all connective tissues. The optimum pH range is 4.5 to 6.0.

Source: Bovine testes
A partially purified, dialyzed, lyophilized powder
Activity: 300 USP/NF units per mg dry weight
One unit corresponds to a USP/NF Unit and is referenced to a standard NF Hyaluronidase.

Technical Information

• SDS - Hyaluronidase, powder
Catalog No. Size Price Lot # QTY
I53130 300000 units 587.50
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