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Dispase (Neutral Protease), powder

Dispase (Neutral Protease) is a bacterial enzyme produced by Bacillus polymyxa that hydrolyses N-terminal peptide bonds of non-polar amino acid residues and is classified as an amino-endopeptidase. Its mild proteolytic action makes the enzyme especially useful for the isolation of primary and secondary cell cultures, since it maintains cell membrane integrity. Dispase is also frequently used as a secondary enzyme in conjunction with collagenase and/or other proteases in many primary cell isolation and tissue dissociation applications. Since Dispase dissociates fibroblast-like cells more efficiently than epithelial-like cells it is also used for differential cell isolation and cell culture applications. Dispase is inhibited by EDTA.

Source: Bacillus polymyxa
Chromatographically purified. A lyophilized powder.
Activity: 4 units per mg dry weight
One unit releases Folin positive amino acids equivalent to 1 micromole tyrosine per minute from casein at 37C, pH 7.5.

Technical Information

• SDS - Neutral Protease (Dispase), powder
Catalog No. Size Price Lot # QTY
I50190 10 mg 320.00
I50195 50 mg 837.50
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