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Collagenase, Type 1, powder

Collagenases are widely used in enzymatic primary cell isolation and tissue dissociation procedures. Collagenase, Type 1 is a crude collagenase preparation containing average amounts of assayed activities (collagenase, caseinase, clostripain, and tryptic activities). It is generally recommended for epithelial, liver, lung, fat, and adrenal tissue cell preparations.

Source: Clostridium histolyticum
A dialyzed, lyophilized powder
Activity: 125 units per mg dry weight
One unit releases one micromole of L-leucine equivalents from collagen in 5 hours at 37C, pH 7.5.

Technical Information

• SDS - Collagenase Type 1, powder
Catalog No. Size Price Lot # QTY
I51101 1 gm 590.00
I51105 5 gm 2000.00
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