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Collagenase, Purified, powder

This chromatographically purified Collagenase preparation is widely used in enzymatic primary cell isolation and tissue dissociation procedures, usually in combination with secondary enzymes such as elastase, hyaluronidase, etc. It is composed of two separable but very similar collagenases. It contains 50 caseinase units per milligram.

Source: Clostridium histolyticum
A lyophilized powder
Activity: 500 units per mg dry weight
One unit releases one micromole of L-leucine equivalents from collagen in 5 hours at 37C, pH 7.5.

Technical Information

• SDS - Collagenase, Purified, powder
Catalog No. Size Price Lot # QTY
I51004 4000 units 345.00
I51090 10000 units 550.00
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