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Sodium Bicarbonate, powder

Sodium bicarbonate is the most generally used buffer in classical cell culture media and reagents. This buffer improves the pH control of media incubated in a 5-10% CO2 atmosphere and provides cells with carbonate ions that are essential for the metabolic functions of most cells. Additionally, sodium bicarbonate is non-toxic to cells in culture. Since most pre-mixed powdered media are manufactured without sodium bicarbonate, this buffer must be added in appropriate concentrations during liquid media preparation either as a sterile solution or as a powder prior to filtration.
Atlanta Biologicals offers sodium bicarbonate as a powder and as a 7.5% solution in cell culture grade water.

Technical Information

• Product Data Sheet - Sodium Bicarbonate
• SDS - Sodium Bicarbonate, powder
Catalog No. Size Price Lot # QTY
R39150 500 gm 38.20
R39101 1 kg 67.40
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