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Antibiotics & Antimycotics

Atlanta Biologicals provides an extensive line of antibiotics and antimycotics commonly used in cell culture applications. Antibiotic and antimycotic mixtures are widely used for the prophylactic control or the elimination of a broad spectrum of bacterial and mycotic contaminants from mammalian and insect cell cultures.

The use of antibiotics in cell culture should not be considered a substitute for proper aseptic technique. Care should be exercised in choosing the appropriate concentration of an antibiotic, since many antibiotics may exert cytotoxic effects in specific cell culture systems at concentrations minimally higher than the recommended dosage. Some of the antibiotics act synergistically, and combinations may be toxic at concentrations below those recommended for individual use. Prescreening is recommended to determine the optimal dilution of an antibiotic or antimycotic solution.

The use of antibiotics should be discontinued periodically to avoid the emergence of antibiotic-resistant organisms and the masking of cryptic microbial contaminants in culture.

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